Hello and welcome to a new weekly blog that was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘abc’ by Bob Adelman in which I will try to write something pithy about art and each letter as they pass by.

The ‘I’ in this case is Gary B’stard Art Auctions and you can view the work that has already been uploaded at Instagram.com/garybstard

So let’s begin by defining terms: What is ‘Art’?
Obviously many have written whole dissertations, books, TV series etc on the nature of art but I have around 500 words to outline my ideas. Art for me starts with intention, it is an act of creation, even the automatic and most abstract of art has intent behind it. This is why nature, well represented in art, can never be art. Although nature is often beautiful and brings peace and an idea of the sublime it has no intent behind it, no design, no creator! – creationists may balk at this idea but I ain’t playing to the self-deluded here. There is a certain view that the artist takes, a creative leap that underpins how that line is right or wrong.

An Aardvark, beautiful sure, but is it Aart?

Art can be seen as the root of ‘artifice‘ in a linguistic sense and that gives one a handle on the craft, skill and ingenuity that it takes to make art. Which in turn can give us artificial which by its own definition is the creation of a human and not occurring naturally.

I am in no way going to expound on the differences between high and low art, good and bad art. Art just IS, any qualitative judgments are subjective and do not affect the thing in itself. There is an ongoing argument about whether being in a museum gives the art a credibility within the ‘art world’ but I once stuck (with blu tack) a print that I had done up in the Tate Modern and didn’t have the art world’s representatives beating a path to my door.

Pig Sticker by Debbie Lear (2018) – SOLD

Auction – the staple of how art is sold, and a good attempt at putting a value on artwork. Not that the art world can always be trusted to be honest brokers, Andy Warhol’s work has been artificially kept high in price due to some dodgy dealings by those that have the most to gain from inflated prices, read here how the Warhol foundation change their minds about works legitimacy and provenance.

But of course my auctions are of original, hand crafted one-off pieces (so far) and with the help of my featured artist, Debbie Lear, I have already ran 2 art auctions (please see my Instagram for details and images) at my eBay page which sold 6 from 20 new pieces on sale. Any that remain unsold at the end of the auction are not being relisted on eBay but are available by direct messaging me at my instagram account.

So the die is cast, my stall has been set out and my intentions have been made clear, every Wednesday from now until next May I will be blogging a letter and how it (however tenuously) connects with me to art and the art world. B is next, but I reckon you could have guessed that.


In a sentence or so, how would you define Art? Please comment below, thanks for reading, Gary B’Stard

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