La Caravane Passe by Debbie Lear

Hi & welcome back returners, apologies for being off line for last few days, I tried to add some commerce to my site and it all went wrong, proper scary ‘Pete Tong‘!

Anyhow, part of the reason I’m trying to be more active in blogging and other online forums is to find a good way to sell art online. Currently Debbie Lear and I are selling especially created collections through eBay. is where the current collection, listed below, is at. But is eBay the right venue to sell original art? Instinctively I think not but I do like the democratic nature of eBay and many artists and dealer sell their wares there, recently someone in the States was trying to sell a Jackson Pollock for $1,500,000 although the provenance seemed a little sketchy. eBay also offers a reach to potential customers that cannot be bettered from many online sites.

Here’s the current collection, check ’em out, bid if you like, you might win. 🙂 Edit: Auction now closed, DM me if interested.

Love Letter by Debbie Lear

Love Letter.

Ambition by Debbie Lear

Ambition. Sold

Lady Luck by Debbie Lear

Lady Luck. Sold

Man Shed by Debbie Lear

Man Shed.

Winter by Debbie Lear


Night Walk to the Allotment by Debbie Lear

Night Walk to the Allotment.

Rock Star, Guitar by Debbie Lear

Rock Star. Guitar.

The Guitarist's Bedroom by Debbie Lear

The Guitarist’s Bedroom.

Cosmic Ordering by Debbie Lear

Cosmic Ordering.

La Caravane Passe by Debbie Lear

La Caravane Passe.

All the pieces are hand painted unique little works of art, in 7″ by 5″ (180x130mm) mounts and an ideal gift for those that are difficult to shop for. I will combine post and packing for multiple buys and always leave feedback for my customers. For the sharp witted out there wondering where collections 1 & 2 are, they can be seen at my instagram: and it was trying to get them on this site that caused all my troubles earlier, any advice on what is a good way to sell through wordpress would be greatly appreciated.

So what d’you think? Is eBay the best place to sell art online? Do you know of any others? Anyone out there using ‘artsy’? Please comment below about the work or anything else that occurs to you.

My second blog in A – Z of art should be published later today, come along and read it’s… uh… free!

Thanks for reading, your pal, Gary B’stard

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