Street art in Nanaimo, Canada

With humblest apologies this week’s art blog, due to be called “G is for…” has had to been postponed due to continuing winterval celebrations. Which is nice.

But mark your card now!!! 2019’s art blogs are gonna show such sparkling wit and novel insights that you’ll be delighted to be there at the start. “2019 will be great!” for everyone that reads that speech quote line outloud, it’s guaranteed under the Noel Edmonds’ Cosmic Ordering policy (see T&C’s for details).

For sure one of my g’s when I write the blog will be Graffiti, I bloody love street art, when we were waiting for our sea plane ride to get to Vancouver from Nanaimo I encountered an urban art space (@humanityinart is a fab id ain’t it) and they have a great block of wall for tags etc (trying not to sound too hip) . and some lovely art too.

So happy new year (in a gregorian sense) and my very best cosmic ordering to you for reading this.

be lucky, gary

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